Place in Network (PIN)
Role in Network

Classify devices functional role in the network. By evaluating the configured and operational states of devices, we can train models to categorize devices by role names that describe their function. This information, stored in the Role in Network API can be later used to help identify scope or priority of changes and recommendations.

Device Importance

How critical are the devices in a network? Does the function and configuration of device align with the perceived importance? The Place in Network Device Importance API creates a meaningful piece of per-device-metadata defining the criticality of a device based on its running features.

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Modeling with ML

Starting with Network Profile, device configurations are processed through an extract engine to evaluate running configuration state. Feature extraction based on SME knowledge is used to create data points indicating design and intent of role for each device. For more information on the feature extraction and how these fit into the model, click here. An engineer creates classifiers that defines their network and training data for the model by selecting several devices that fit into each role. The Random Forest algorithm then builds out the model and predicts the role of devices based off of the training data. The result information is stored in the Place in Network API, where the role information can be queried via Network Profile deviceId or for all devices belonging to a Company Key.